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SBSCO Zoom Live Performance April. 17 2021 2:00 PM PST

SBSCO Zoom Live Performance April 17 2021 2:00 PM PST

In such a special period. A group of young volunteers of SBSCO (South Bay Senior Care Organization) hopes to do something for their community to bring joy and love to our elders at home. 03/20/21 (Saturday) 2:00 pm PST SBSCO will broadcast carefully prepared entertaining shows through Zoom, and Youtube will be broadcast live at the same time. I hope you will share the news, let more people know, and welcome more people to watch this performance. The epidemic can widen the distance between people, but the Internet can build a connection between our hearts. In the face of disasters, we are not alone. Love is our mutual concern. We look forward to your watching and encouragement. We are excited to share our happiness with you and our senior friends. The entire live performance will be recorded as a DVD gift for senior homes.

多才多艺的表演者们会准备很多精美的节目,唱歌跳舞,乐器演奏。本次表演将会通过Zoom演出并通过 youtube直播。在表演之后我们也将录制全部演出过程做成精美的DVD送给南湾地区的老人院社区,希望各位把消息分享出去,让更多的人知道,欢迎更多的人观看。疫情可以拉开人与人之间的距离,但是网络却可以搭建心与心之间的连接,面对灾难,我们并不孤单,爱是我们彼此的牵挂,期待你的观看与鼓励,为疫情的期间老人家们的居家生活添加一份欢声笑语。希望可以通过各位推广我们的演出信息,可以让更多的老人家们分享我们的正能量和快乐。

Youtube live stream 直播:

For more information please contact or call Harry Zhu at (310)977-5099

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